What is STEAM?


STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.  In the STEAM lab, students will  connect their learning from all subject areas through cross-curricular projects.  Our projects will be aligned to the PA Core Standards and will draw on inspiration from our McGraw-Hill Reading and Math series so that students will connect not only what  they are learning in Science in Math but also in Reading and Language Arts. We will strive to make real-world connections and provide authentic learning experiences for students.

In the STEAM lab we will emphasis a Growth Mindset, and promote positive Habits of Mind. The STEAM lab will be a place where students are encouraged to make mistakes so they can learn and grow.  We want to establish a classroom environment that gives students the freedom from fear of failure.

Here is a video that explains Growth Mindset:

Watch this video to learn about the 16 Habits of Mind:

In the STEAM Lab students will utilize problem-solving and higher order thinking skills.  We will also promote the 4C’s of 21st Century Learning:  Collaboration, Creativity, Communication and Critical Thinking


Watch this video to learn more about the 4 C’s:

Mrs. Bajgier STEAM Lab Rules and Procedures

Shooting for STAR Behavior 


In the STEAM Lab we will be reinforcing the STAR School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Support system.  STAR stands for Safe, Trustworthy, Accountable and Respectful. We will be talking about what STAR behavior looks like in the STEAM Lab during the first few weeks of school.

Here is a list of rules for our STEAM Lab:

About Mrs. Darroch


  Welcome!  My enthusiasm for STEAM cannot be contained!  I truly believe that STEAM is an educational powerhouse.  STEAM can make a difference in how students see the world and solve problems.   It places 21st century skills in the hands of students.

    I am pleased to be teaching these skills to students at Highland and State Street Elementary Schools.

   After graduating from Ambridge High School, I attended Geneva College.  I graduated from Geneva with a dual certification in Elementary and Special Education.  I have been teaching in the Ambridge Area School District for 14 years.  My teaching background includes teaching 4th-6th grade Learning Support and 2nd & 3rd grade regular education.

   I am a wife and a mom.  My husband and I have two children.  One of the greatest joys of my life is spending time with my family.  We enjoy playing games, riding bikes, taking walks, and hanging out.


About Mrs. Bajgier

Miss Conroy

This past July, I got married, and I went from being Miss Conroy to Mrs. Bajgier (pronounce badger).  I am looking forward to a fantastic school year, and I am excited to be teaching STEAM at State Street and Economy Elementary Schools! In my class we will be learning a lot and we will have fun doing it!  I look forward to the opportunity to continue expand and grow our STEAM program!

This will be my 12th year as a teacher. I have taught 3rd grade, Pre-K and 4th grade, and 1st Grade.   I graduated from Penn State with dual certification in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education and a minor in dance.   I also graduated with my Master’s of Education in Instructional Systems-Educational Technology from Penn State, and I am now certified in Instructional Technology Specialist K-12.

In my free time, I enjoy sewing, dancing, yoga, baking and reading.  I also am the proud mother of a poodle named Heartbreaker.